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Erratum to: Patient-Specific Anatomical and Functional Parameters Provide New Insights Into the Pathomechanism of Cam FAI
K. C. Geoffrey Ng MASc, Mario Lamontagne PhD, Andrew P. Adamczyk MSc, Kawan S. Rakhra MD, Paul E. Beaulé MD
Thigh Pain in an 18-year-old Man
Frank Traub MD, PhD, Marilyn Heng MD, Brendan C. Dickson MD, MSc, Peter C. Ferguson MD, MSc
The Alpha Defensin-1 Biomarker Assay can be Used to Evaluate the Potentially Infected Total Joint Arthroplasty
Joshua Bingham MD, Henry Clarke MD, Mark Spangehl MD, Adam Schwartz MD, Christopher Beauchamp MD, Brynn Goldberg RN
Time-dependent Changes After Latissimus Dorsi Transfer: Tenodesis or Tendon Transfer?
Ali Erşen MD, Hakan Ozben MD, Mehmet Demirhan MD, Ata Can Atalar MD, Mehmet Kapıcıoğlu MD

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