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Erratum to: Shoulder Arthroplasties have Fewer Complications than Hip or Knee Arthroplasties in US Veterans
Edward V. Fehringer MD, Ted R. Mikuls MD, MSPH, Kaleb D. Michaud PhD, William G. Henderson PhD, James R. O’Dell MD
Cemented Hip Designs are a Reasonable Option in Young Patients
Vincent Busch MD, Rik Klarenbeek MD, Tom Slooff MD, PhD, B. Willem Schreurs MD, PhD, Jean Gardeniers MD, PhD
The Repair Process of Osteonecrosis After a Transtrochanteric Rotational Osteotomy
Takuaki Yamamoto MD, PhD, Satoshi Ikemura MD, PhD, Yukihide Iwamoto MD, PhD, Yoichi Sugioka MD, PhD
Modular Necks Improve the Range of Hip Motion in Cases with Excessively Anteverted or Retroverted Femurs in THA
Akinobu Matsushita MD, PhD, Yasuharu Nakashima MD, PhD, Masanori Fujii MD, Taishi Sato MD, Yukihide Iwamoto MD, PhD
Sex Differences in Factors Influencing Recovery from Arthroscopic Knee Surgery
Patricia H. Rosenberger PhD, Firdaus S. Dhabhar PhD, Elissa Epel PhD, Peter Jokl MD, Jeannette R. Ickovics PhD
Elevation of the Femur in THA Through a Direct Anterior Approach: Cadaver and Clinical Studies
Masanori Matsuura MD, Hirotsugu Ohashi MD, PhD, Yusaku Okamoto MD, PhD, Fumiaki Inori MD, Yoshiaki Okajima MD
Highly Crosslinked Polyethylene Reduces Wear in Total Hip Arthroplasty at 5 Years
Jonathan Mutimer FRCS (Orth), Peter A. Devane FRACS, Kathryn Adams PhD, J. Geoffrey Horne FRACS

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