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CORR® Article Reviewer Tool

Using this App

This App is designed to save you time and make it easier to review your article for CORR. It will walk you through a few questions that apply to all article types, and then guide you to areas of particular importance for the type of article you are reading. Simply answer the questions as they come up, and click “next” when you are done.

When you are done, the App will generate a Microsoft Word document you can further modify if you wish. When you are finished, you will NEED to go to and either paste the text into your review or upload the word document itself as the review. Or, you can email the review to the editorial office ( You must do either of these to successfully submit your review.

While using the tool, you can return to earlier answers by using your browser’s “back” function. If you encounter an error message, please hit “back” and retry. Your answers will be saved until you close your browser window. However, once you close the reviewer tool window, your work will not be saved.

We are most interested in your subject-matter expertise and perspective. Please don’t take time on suggestions about grammar, syntax, or typographical errors unless they change or obscure the meaning; our editors will take care of that.

There is no need to number your comments. Simply hit “return” or “enter” after each comment if you have more than one comment per question box.