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Symposium:AAOS/ORS/ABJS Musculoskeletal Healthcare Disparities Research Symposium 2 articles


Defining Gender Disparities in Pain Management

Linda LeResche ScD

Prevalence rates of most musculoskeletal pain conditions are higher among women than men. Reasons for these prevalence disparities likely include sex differences in basic pain mechanisms and gender differences in psychosocial factors.

Keynote Address: The Need for Greater Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Orthopaedic Surgery

Louis W. Sullivan MD, Ilana S. Mittman PhD

Advances in medicine in the past century have resulted in substantial reductions in morbidity and mortality in the United States. However, despite these improvements, ethnic and racial minorities continue to experience health status and healthcare disparities. There is inadequate national awareness of musculoskeletal health disparities, which results in greater chronic pain and disability for members of ethnic and racial minority groups. The Sullivan Commission concluded in 2004 the inability of the health professions to keep pace with the US population is a greater contributor to health disparities than lack of insurance.