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Surgical Treatment of Grade I Central Chondrosarcoma

Davide Donati MD, Simone Colangeli MD, Marco Colangeli MD, Claudia Bella MD, Franco Bertoni MD

The grade of chondrosarcoma relates to the likelihood of local recurrence and metastases. Many Grade I chondrosarcomas behave benignly if aggressively, and the question arises regarding whether wide resection is essential to control the disease. We therefore asked whether intralesional surgery also could be extended to Grade I chondrosarcomas without an increase in recurrence. We retrospectively reviewed 31 patients with Grade I chondrosarcomas of the limbs. The minimum followup was 66 months (mean, 157 months; range, 66–296 months). None of the 16 patients treated by resection had recurrences during the followup and two of the 15 patients with intralesional excision had recurrences, both of which resolved with resection of the site involved by the recurrence without progression of the disease. The Musculoskeletal Tumor Society scores averaged 72% in patients treated with wide resection compared with 89% in the 15 patients treated by intralesional surgery. The two recurrences occurred in patients whose radiographs showed thinning of the cortex combined with bone enlargement and marked endosteal scalloping; histologic examination in these two patients also showed a correlation between radiographic aggressiveness and the presence of myxoid areas and hypercellularity.,[object Object]
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