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Do Bone Graft and Cracking of the Sclerotic Cavity Improve Fixation of Titanium and Hydroxyapatite-coated Revision Implants in an Animal Model?

Brian Elmengaard MD, PhD, Joergen Baas MD, PhD, Thomas Jakobsen MD, PhD, Soren Kold MD, PhD, Thomas B. Jensen MD, PhD, Joan E. Bechtold PhD, Kjeld Soballe MD, DSc
23rd August 2016

A Resident-led Initiative Improves Screening and Treatment for Vitamin D Deficiency in Patients with Hip Fractures

Drew A. Lansdown MD, Amanda Whitaker MD, Rosanna Wustrack MD, Aenor Sawyer MD, Erik N. Hansen MD
22nd August 2016

Does PEEK/HA Enhance Bone Formation Compared With PEEK in a Sheep Cervical Fusion Model?

William R. Walsh PhD, Matthew H. Pelletier PhD, Nicky Bertollo PhD, Chris Christou BVSc, PhD, Chris Tan BVSc
22nd August 2016